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Zaha Hadid: Architect Extraordinaire

The sudden passing of Zaha Hadid has dealt a profound blow to the architecture world. She will always be remembered as a creative genius and maverick who dissolved the gender barrier in design. Accordingly, tributes have poured out over Twitter and all have been reminded of her incredible accomplishments. Her contributions to architecture are worldwide, but as ARCH NYC is primarily concerned with New York City, we’ll focus on her greatest contribution here: 520 W 28 St.



In case you’ve been living in a box, this is Ms. Hadid’s curvaceous apartment building on the High Line. She won a competition in July 2013 to design the Related Companies-developed structure. In all, her creation holds 39 residences and 3 penthouses. It’s most prominent feature, however, is the absence of sharp corners. In typical Zaha fashion, the building seems to be fashioned out of swooping, graceful curves. She herself has described the distinctive façade as a “woven chevron pattern.”

The building's unique skin is sure to make it stand out.

The building’s unique skin is sure to make it stand out.

The groundbreaking was in March 2014 and the opening was originally set for 2016. Precious little information has been released, but the specs (and floor plans!) of several units are available on the building’s flagship website. The most exciting (and most expensive) of these is Residence 32, a 4-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom, $25,000,000 duplex. Though its interior space—4460 sqft.—is certainly nothing to balk it, it’s 2040 sqft. outdoor space is its most impressive feature.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 10.44.55 PM

Cue drool…

Of course, Hadid's touch won't be only on the outside.

Of course, Hadid’s touch won’t be only on the outside.

The High Line views this and other residences will have are sure to be stunning. All told, Zaha Hadid’s first residential building in NYC will top out at 11 storeys and 135′, packing in apartments whose prices vary from $4.95 million to $50 million. In addition to fancy-shmancy digs, the building will also feature a 2,500 sqft. sculpture deck with works from the Friends of the High Line.

Before I buy the penthouse, I need to be sure—will I be able to my sculpture garden from here?

Before I buy the penthouse, I need to be sure—will I be able to my sculpture garden from here?

Of course, the usual amenities—spa suite, entertainment lounge, IMAX screening room, 75-foot pool, automated parking, robot-controlled storage, concierge, doorman, and a “luxury attaché” (we don’t know what this means either)—will be available as well.

Is this... for swimming?

Is this… for swimming?

Whatever it does mean, Zaha Hadid is sure to be remembered well.



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