Extinct Edifices: The Singer Building

In 1624, New Amsterdam was founded at the southern tip of Manhattan, a colony of the Dutch Republic. Since then, it’s evolved into the most densely populated city in the United States, and arguably the most important. Over these almost 400 years, it’s seen more than its share of remarkable buildings.

In many ways, New York City is at an architectural peak right now—buildings are taller, skinnier, and expensive-r than ever. In other ways, NYC has lost some of its most exceptional structures. This series will document the most impressive of these treasures.

The Singer Building: 


The Singer Building

47 storeys, 612 feet tall, tallest in the world from 1908 to 1909. Designed by prominent Beaux-Arts architect Ernest Flagg; described as having “celestial radiance” by New York Times critic Christopher Gray. Surprisingly, the Landmarks Preservation Commission did not designate it, though it was widely regarded as one of NYC’s most important buildings. It was destroyed in 1968.


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